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Equinoctial offices in our company in guangzhou, Shanghai, ningbo, specializing in express delivery of goods, and have a long-term cooperation with many international express companies, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS and so on.South America in the Middle East, Europe, the states have advantages such as route.Can accept delivery of goods


DHL was established in 1969, the headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, belongs to Germany zip, DANZAS, DHL integration into three parts;Now, DHL has become the market leader in international express and logistics industry, international express network services more than 200 countries and regions in the world of 300000 employees.In addition, in the air and sea, DHL international transport and contract logistics solutions are extremely advantage, 1 December 1986 days by DHL international (DHL) and China national foreign trade transportation group corporation each injection of 50% was formally established in Beijing dhl-sinotrans international air express co., LTD., officially entered the Chinese market, at present in China occupy thirty percent of the international express market share, a year is still in rapid development.Aging fast, the network is wide and comprehensive advantages.

Ups delivery company

UPS is the United States [/ B] [/ B], founded in 1907, an American UPS Courier company, has a long history.By explicitly committed to the development of global business goal, UPS has now developed into a global well-known large companies.As the world’s largest express carrier and the largest package delivery company, is also a professional transportation, logistics, capital, and e-commerce services leading provider of services more than 200 countries and regions of the world, UPS Asia Pacific headquarters was established in 1988, headquartered in Singapore, formal business has more than 20 years time, China is currently in Shanghai, China, shenzhen, Hong Kong set up a transit center, North America and other parts of the country and the area limitation, price advantage, most powerful customs clearance.

Federal express

FedEx be subordinate to belongs to group of federal express (FedEx corp.), are the backbone of the group express-delivery business, was founded in 1971, now has developed into the most famous express brand, and the world’s largest express transportation company, for more than 200 countries and regions in the world to provide fast and reliable delivery service.1989, fedex to buy the famous Flying tiger airways (Flying Tigers), formally in the asia-pacific countries of packages and cargo shipping service, more in November 2004, fedex’s regional headquarters in Shanghai of China business fedex first launched the global air express transportation industry in the first direct European routes of mainland China, by the Shanghai daily direct flights to Frankfurt, Germany.Is the first Chinese to express the day Japan express business services.The asia-pacific countries and regions have strong network advantage, in North America, aging fast.



TNT is the Netherlands Group (TNT Post Group n.v., TPG) of the subsidiary.TNT express was established in 1946, headquartered in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, is a leading global business Courier service provider.TNT for more than 200 countries and regions of the world’s customers with on time door to door documents, parcels and freight services.TNT mainland China was founded in 1988.Mainly to provide domestic and international express highway express service.TNT in China’s largest highway 2007 hoau logistics logistics company, has formed the most extensive coverage of highway logistics delivery network, has 56 hubs and 1260 operating systems and services covering more than 500 cities in China.TNT also has Europe’s biggest door to door empty land delivery network, Europe as a whole service time and customs clearance ability is stronger.

China’s postal express mail

EMS is managed by the upu under international express mail service, directly under the China post group is a wholly-owned company, mainly engaged in domestic and international and EMS express delivery business, is the earliest Courier service supplier in China, China’s express delivery industry is also the largest operators and leaders., EMS business global reach more than 200 countries and regions and nearly 2000 cities in China.Provided by the China post Courier service.Mainly by air way, speed up the delivery, China post has China’s largest network, postal express service all of China’s provinces, city, county, township, village.International express ways generally adopt the way of national post office counterpart country post office doing business, international express customs clearance strongest, some special goods can be sent through EMS security, together in some countries have a price advantage!

Does the international line:

International express line to express company, according to oneself circumstance. Specializing in between the two countries express the advantages of the line, combination, by integrating all over the world some strengths of the delivery service, with "good price, process control, flexible operation, good safety, delivery speed, etc. Our company has now opened in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and so on more than the shuttle. With a number of domestic and international airline cooperation, independent contracting carrier positions, providing destination clearance send send Courier door to door service, some countries and regions to do freight collect.

The provision of § professional battery international express

The provision of § professional cosmetics international express

International express § professional provide liquid/powder

§ professional to provide international express chemicals

§ offer CDS/imitation brand goods/magnetic international express

Our company do not need to provide test certificate, and the survey report, the safety and efficiency of direct exports abroad.For customers to save tedious formalities and process in the middle.

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