Seaborne imports


A basic situation, understand customer import cargo operation requirements and customer imported goods

Second, the import documents:

1, the consignee provide import a full set of documents;Our company check the goods by which shipping company carrier, which ship generation operation, where I can exchange for a bill of lading (b/l).
2, import documents include: belt endorsed copy of the original bill of lading or electric put, packing list, invoices, contracts (general trade).
3, operations and confirm the contact in advance good suitcase, un-loading fee, loading, circular.

Three, in order:
1, the forwarder in the designated ship generation or the shipping company confirm the ship to the port of time, place, for transshipment, must confirm two vessel

Common problems
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1, import customs what charge?

1) under the condition of general trade, customs charge two tax tariff and value-added tax.
2, the goods need to know
1) consignee with valid documents (such as id card to checking the original) to the destination airport my company import regulation warehouse delivery formalities (if the goods charged by the unit, shall issue the seal of the unit of unit of introduction).
2) trust others, take delivery of the goods consignee shall be by waybill consignee and taking the goods by the valid identity certificate of the principal.
3) the consignee should be specified in the our company take delivery of the formalities for delivery, and has paid all due expenses.
4) the consignee should sign them after delivery of the goods.
5) consignee, take delivery of the goods shall be counted, found the goods have loss, shortage, pollution, damage or delay to wait for a circumstance, please face to face.
6) if the consignee and take delivery of the goods in to sign for single sign on without objection, then as stipulated in the contract of carriage of the goods have been delivered in good condition.

3, unable to deliver the goods and its processing

The goods since the arrival of the notice within 60 days as of the next day the extraction and have not received the shipper’s disposal, according to can’t pick up the goods delivery processing.

Carriage of goods by domestic cargo by the airport freight department in accordance with relevant regulations.

International goods handed over to the customs by the airport freight department.

These terms refer to the home of China’s civil aviation goods transportation rules CCAR275TR - R, and the international air transport parts.The guidelines and conflict with the relevant state laws and regulations, will be subject to the provisions of the laws and regulations.

4, the duration and the safekeeping fee

Ordinary goods, since the arrival of the notice of the local customers free custody for three days, foreign customers free storage for five days.Overdue extract, airport freight department in accordance with the acceptance check is overdue.

5, notification and delivery

The goods shipped to arrived at the station, except otherwise agreed by the carrier or other agent by phone or in written form in two forms, sending the notice of the arrival of the goods to the consignee, dispatch notification of the arrival of the goods shall be issued within two hours.

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