Seaborne exports


A basic situation, understand customer import cargo operation requirements and customer imported goods

Second, the import documents:
1, the consignee provide import a full set of documents;Our company check the goods by which shipping company carrier, which ship generation operation, where I can exchange for a bill of lading (b/l).
2, import documents include: belt endorsed copy of the original bill of lading or electric put, packing list, invoices, contracts (general trade).
3, operations and confirm the contact in advance good suitcase, un-loading fee, loading, circular.

Three, in order:
1, the forwarder in the designated ship generation or the shipping company confirm the ship to the port of time, place, for transshipment, must confirm two vessel.

Common problems
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1, import customs what charge?

1) under the condition of general trade, customs charge two tax tariff and value-added tax.

2, the goods need to know

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