First, what is thre ro-ro and the development of the ro-ro

Ro-ro what kind of ship is it?Ro-ro ship is specialized carrier vehicle.Roro ship loading and unloading efficiency is high, the hull is tall, without any cargo hatch, a multideck facilitate freight unit placement, upper deck for flat panel.Each deck has a ramp or lift platform connected to each other, for the traffic.
Decorate in the bow or stern superstructure, put the goods.The cabin layout in the tail, the chimney on both sides.Ro-ro exit in the tail, usually has articulated the springboard and shore lap, used for ro-ro cargo ship up and down.

Ro-ro cargo is not from the deck cargo hatch vertical hanging into hanging out, but through the open end of the first, tail, or the two sides of the ship and the springboard to the dock, with a trailer or fork lift handlebar container or wheeled chassis, along with the goods from the ship to port of a vessel.
Ro-ro’s main advantage is: don’t need for cargo gear, the goods in the port don’t need to reprint can tow directly to the place of receipt, to shorten the time of goods flow, reduce the damage.
Ro-ro development quickly in nearly a decade, is toward higher speed performance, loading capacity bigger, more perfect direction.Future ro-ro can adopt the new power plant, speed faster, besides carrying vehicles, containers, oil, ore and other goods can be loaded, use will be more extensive.

Second, the ro-ro have any requirements
China’s manufacturing industry level enhances unceasingly, large enterprises growing overseas engineering project, the domestic equipment goods exported to all over the world are also growing, these goods are not only large quantities, and many of them are too big to super long, super wide, overweight freight, using ordinary container transportation can’t satisfy the special requirements of the shipper, then has introduced the ro-ro transportation.
Ro-ro transportation not only save fuel, or a way to save freight car ro-ro ship.Ro-ro specialized carrier vehicle ship and roll-on roll-off for overloading transfinite is not exclusive.
Ro-ro must keep in mind that in transportation vehicles transporting dangerous goods must not by ro-ro transport, because in the event of danger on the ship be affected not just dozens of trucks, more importantly will threaten life safety and water quality security.

Three, ro-ro operation process
Ro-ro as a special form appeared in the stage of history, its development speed is very fast, and has a considerable market share, as the automobile trade prosperity, ro-ro status cannot be replaced by any other form.Whether in China or abroad, however, is the existence of ro-ro operation process not familiar with the situation.Below we will introduce of ro-ro operation process integrated predecessors’ experience for later generations.
1, confirm with shipowners expect shipment and freight.
2, confirm the freight rate at the same time, pay attention to the terms and conditions.
The terms of the three, ro-ro mostly liner.
4, if it is, that don’t get wet rain.
5, if produce binding, in general, are belong to the owner is responsible for.
6, maintain vehicle loading in a clear and orderly state, especially from the point of view of securing, should be suitable for ocean transportation.When securing, generally take transverse lashing method.In addition, the high center of gravity of the vehicle loads in rolling smaller location should as far as possible.
7, if the goods belong to the deck cargo, should pay attention to watch the owner put the cargo on board, so as not to be left deck cargo.

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