air export

1. Accept customer enquiry/booking entrusted

1) Communicate with customer, understand customer’s requirements:

Name, number, gross weight, carton gauge size, port, the port of destination, the consignee or consignor name, address, phone, payment of freight prepaid/to collect, DDU, DDP, EXWORK) and delivery time.

2) corresponding to the customer request, to provide quality and cheap freight rate comparison:

According to the different flight characteristics, direct/transfer request, head and cheng cheng cargo plane form and size requirements, provide to the customer different choice.

2. Booking and determine the shipping space, send into the warehouse notice to the customer
1)With the customer to determine the price of shipping and service conditions.
2)The airline booking, and contain WEL system marked by flight and special requirements, shipping method and delivery time.
3)Provide into the warehouse figure, indicate the point: into the warehouse number, delivery time, delivery place, send documents address, the contact requirements, warehouse and contact way.

3. The goods customs declaration, delivery of the goods
1) pound into the storehouse, goods into the warehouse pounds, determination data for customs clearance.The difference is too large, such as data need to be confirmed with the customer in place.
2)Bill of lading confirmed: do the bill of lading confirmation copy for customer to confirm the day before departure, and according to the airlines requirements of bill of lading.
3)The export customs declaration: customs broker hold has passed the customs declaration form of the document examination center audit according to declare to the customs and the attached documents.
 4)Airlines by release permit and other documents to the warehouse delivery, the goods into the warehouse.And track cargo security plate (box).

4. Finishing documents, send forecast to the customer or overseas agent
To send the bill of lading to consignor, such as the consignee on the master air waybill is our overseas agent, send forecast to overseas agent.

5. List of make out an invoice and returned
1. Provide confirmation to the customer to confirm (including customer payment payable) of make out an invoice, issue the formal invoice for payment.
2. Overseas agent cargo bill, submit the financial and overseas agent respectively.
3. Customs single cross back by financial rules, according to the situation of fees and contract customers cooperation agreement to arrange refund list for customers.

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