Electricity as its shipping transformation development opportunities
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ago, held in Shanghai of the 4th "international port and shipping information BBS" on, expert attending the meeting for further discussion.The personage inside course of study is generally believed that electricity become for promoting the development of the industry transformation development opportunity, need to coordinate the relationship between the online sales system, service ability, avoid about sales and price system and right;At the same time, how to effectively integrate all kinds of service resources, combined with the needs of customers, create logistics services in the whole process of the standardization of process and quality products will become the biggest challenge.

More data is not the same as the big data, build wisdom, ports and still lack of big data can create value.Shanghai maritime bureau letter in Mr Cummin, points out that the current China’s ports and data mining at the stage of the tip of the iceberg, from the point of future development, open and free movement of these resources will be for the Shanghai international shipping center construction, and the nation’s economic development and social progress to provide beyond imagination power source.The core of the large data is forecast, through the analysis of huge amounts of data, to obtain valuable products and services.

At present, Shanghai a number of shipping of the open policy has been implemented, in port and waterway information, however, still lack of valuable data sharing.To this, the personage inside course of study suggested that the shipping information to change classification management, explore the management mode of "negative list".

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