Shandong international shipping start trading center With a total investment of 2.6 billion
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With a total investment of 2.6 billion yuan of shandong (Qingdao) international shipping trade center project construction comprehensively, at present, the project main body three to underground, convention and exhibition center four floors to the ground, garage part to achieve the positive and negative zero, predict to be finished before the end of march the ground plus or minus zero.

The project invested by shandong high-speed urban construction investment co., LTD., covers an area of 36.8 mu, building area of 24 square meters, consists of three high-rise building (23 layer, 40, 35), a skirt building layer (3) and a convention center layer (4), is expected to achieve sales revenue of 3.51 billion yuan.Project contains the port customs clearance, shipping industry agglomeration, blue financial innovation, commodities trading four big industrial function, when completed, emphatically introducing the leading enterprises in the shipping and trade enterprises, promote the outflow of return shipping enterprises, and promote the development of logistics industry, cultivate form shipping trade, rubber, paper pulp and other commodities trading platform, a comprehensive one-stop service center of shipping.

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