Container ship deliveries and the highest level since 2010
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According to Banchero Costa, said the new container ship shipbuilding deliveries will rise sharply this year, is expected to reach the highest level since 2010.

, according to data provided by the brokerage in 2015 global 255 container ships will reach delivery, compared with 2014 of the 202 rising sharply, and will reach the highest level since 2010.In addition, the delivery of the container ship this year, is expected to appear larger than the existing ship type container ship.

Branchero Costa said in 2015, the delivery of the container ship, more than 8000 teu container ship accounted for the proportion of 85%, compared to a proportion of 79% in 2014 also increased.Agent, said in April in 2015 included in the delivery of the container ship is about to deliver the "UASC Barzan", the most large container ship is expected to refresh the current record.

In container ship new deliveries rising at the same time, the amount of dismantling container ship is slowing.Banchero Costa, said the first two months of the year of the container ship demolition quantity was only 18 ships, compared to the same period last year dropped 45%.Brokers said the scale of container ship fleet growth in 2015 is expected to be more than trade growth, further excess capacity and lower freight.

The agency also pointed out that the 2015 container ship capacity of net growth is expected to reach 8.6%, 6.0% higher than last year’s record.

Idle container ship at the same time, in February of this year fell to 1% of total global fleet size, compared with 5% two years ago will further increase the fleet supply pressure.

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