The supply and demand gap is still large Market rate overall downward
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China’s export container transportation market weekly report (2015.03.13)

This week, China’s export container transportation market demand under the resumption of new cargo support access to rebound, the market overall freight rates slightly stabilizing.Released on March 13, the Shanghai shipping exchange comprehensive reflect the overall market of China’s export container freight index was 1067.94 points, and were little changed last week.And as the ocean route flights to resume normal operations, the price market freight become main melody, booking spot market prices down significantly.On March 13, reflecting the spot market in the Shanghai containerised freight index was 887.61 points, down 7.6% from last week.

European routes, transport market demand presents the recovery but a first level there is still a gap.To stabilize the freight and part of the carriers to heave and classes, in order to control the overall capacity, Europe, the Mediterranean route ships average space utilization rate is about seventy percent.As the market is insufficient aggregate demand, most carriers decided on a plan of the middle of the postponed rate rise until early April, the market rate downward pressure.On March 13, China’s exports to Europe, the Mediterranean route freight index were 1301.22 points, 1468.35 points, down 1.2% from last week, 1.2% respectively.Market report, the lowest market price in Europe, the Mediterranean route through continuous decline has dropped to $575 per TEU respectively, $800 per TEU.

North American routes, the labor department’s latest February unemployment data is a new low for seven years, at the same time non-farm payrolls for 12 consecutive months of growth in more than 200000 people, is the strongest in more than ten years, a solid pace of economic recovery, increase the market cargo after off-season is still relatively better than other routes.The spanish-american routes, due to port congestion situation gradually ease and the influence of the ship to replace in the market in succession, airline capacity expansion, slightly to average cubed out in about eighty percent of the ship.Eastern route, due to the holiday shipping space utilization and the rate remained at a relatively high, some carriers into overtime ship to seize market opportunities, Shanghai shipping space utilization rate in more than ninety percent on average.But under pressure from the off-season market supply and demand, the market rate to decline.Shanghai on March 13, exports to the west, the east port of basic market freight rate (shipping and shipping fee) is $1835 / FEU respectively, $4569 / FEU, down 4.5% from last week, 4.5% respectively.Quantities to another according to the market, due to the expected market outlook still have rise space, to improve success rate rising rate, carriers suspended in mid-march rate rose plan to early April.

Anz routes, cargo performance market continue to slump, although carriers by performing a grounded in turn plans to cut about 30% of the market capacity, but the imbalance between supply and demand has been unable to get improved significantly, the market rate to continue downward.On March 13, China’s exports to anz line freight index was 786.51 points, down 0.9% from last week.

South American routes, due to the fiscal gap to expand, high inflation, currency devaluation, investor confidence fell and a series of reasons, east coast major economy in South America Brazil’s economy is often not better, and transport demand performance drag on the market.Due to the cargo recovery than expected and carriers had to delay the monthly rate increases in the plan, the market rate to continue under the pressure of supply and demand imbalances low dip.On March 13, Shanghai basic port exports to South America market freight rate (shipping and shipping fee) is $656 / TEU, down 7.1% from last week.

Japan airlines, flight as the market gradually restored, part of the cargo pick up good was offset by rising capacity, shipping space utilization rate at about fifty percent on average.On March 13, China’s exports to Japan airlines freight index was 704.49 points, up 1.4% from last week.

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